Grace Riordan

Grace grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and is now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in public policy in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Her focus area within public policy is socioeconomic inequality and urban development policy. Grace is fluent in Spanish; her study of it began with a bilingual elementary school education in Boston and continues through her minor in Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Michigan. In 2017, Grace worked as an English as a Second Language teacher for mostly Spanish speaking adult immigrants in Ypsilanti. Recently, Grace spent five months living and studying at a local university in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she participated in a program that focuses on diversity, minority, and gender studies. Grace points to her upbringing in a major U.S. city surrounded by people of all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds as the impetus for her passion for socioeconomic equality, which in turn drives her interest in immigration policy. Grace joined the firm in 2017 and her current responsibilities include drafting waivers and USCIS applications.